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Get Glamorous Feet with Starla Sandals

0 Comments 29 June 2010

Platinum Opulence Sandal – $120.00

“If you love jewelry and sandals, you’ll love the way Starla Sandals make your feet “pop” in even the most basic outfit.” Angelique – Editor

One of the best things about summer is wearing a beautiful pair of sandals on freshly pedicured feet. It is one of those “go to” looks that makes you feel good even if your favorite jeans are feeling a little tight, or your hair isn’t cooperating in the humidity.

Couture fashion designers have been focusing on beautiful footwear and the feet that wear it in recent years. The platform sandals and gladiator styles that have been so popular in recent seasons show that the fashion industry “gets” just how much women love beautiful shoes – from the strapiest sandals to the most luxurious winter boots.

Starla Sandals is a new luxury brand of sandals that takes simple sandal designs and turns them into works of art, with leather soles and uppers, and straps that are adorned with the finest crystals. Each sandal is handmade, designed by Michele, based in South Florida, where they know fabulous sandals.

The designs range from casual to opulent, and if you’re planning a beach or outdoor wedding, you owe it to yourself to check out styles like the Platinum Opulence design. It has silver leather straps embellished with a circular pattern of clear crystals and jewels. And the straps are lined in suede for comfort.

New fashion designers like Michele are ensuring that sandals are more than just fashion accessories. Give your lovely toes a place in the sun this summer.

Check out Starla Sandals and see if you don’t find a few styles that would give your summer wardrobe a glamorous boost.

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