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Get The Collection App Before It Will Cost You

0 Comments 24 January 2012

The New York Times recently released a new fashion-focused periodical app for the iPad dubbed The Collection, which is currently available to anyone with iOS 4.2 or later. It’s been described as a tablet-tailored breakdown of, and immersion into, the world of fashion. Vivid photographs that make every thread and fabric almost touchable provide you with around the clock coverage of cat walk revelations and celebrity wears from around the world, while some of the globe’s greatest fashion reporters give you the details regarding the most recent releases. When Dion Lee finally releases his next line of dress designs, or if Burberry Prorsum decides to make a bold entry into mens nightshirts, you’ll not only be one of the first to know about it, you’ll be one of the first to get a glimpse of it. Whether the tech team behind the construction of this app will ultimately mend some overt errors in judgment – mainly landscape only viewing and a lazy interface – remains to be seen. It’d be tremendous if one could view a worn outfit in a vertical image, as clothes tend to look frumpier and less complementary to the human form when squashed into a horizontal format. Their attempt to combine the best parts of a pulp magazine with the breakthroughs of a tablet – a common effort made by many builders of such iPad media conversions – fails to incorporate a coordination between information regarding a particular fashion line and the high resolution images to back them up. With the kind of potential for seamless access that’s possible, this is a fundamental error.

But until the 12th of March, The Collection will be completely free to download and pore through, so don’t hesitate to give it a look if you’re interested. After March 12th, only those with a digital subscription to The New York Times will have unfettered access to The Collection, while everyone else will have restricted access. That pretty much means that all the good stuff will cost money, and what you can get for free you can find anywhere else on the web. While the constantly updated runway photography, or at least the images you’ll have access to, will still make a free version worth it, articles and other insights will likely be off limits to those without a subscription.

So if you want to check out The Collection, the time is now. If you visit fashion section of the The New York Times website, a link near the top of the page will send you to the iTunes App Store to go ahead with a download  However, you can look over their own help section for the app here, as well as information regarding “purchasesq01” digital subscriptions.

It’s free for the next three and a half months, so take advantage of it while you can. Either you’ll find out what you could be missing, or you’ll realize The Collection is an added expense you can do without.

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