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0 Comments 13 August 2005

By: Wendy Owen

One of the most surprising fashion returns of the season is, well anything shiny. Sequined tops, metallic purses, belts and shoes? Bring ‘em on.

Strange as it may seem, gilded and sterling looks just keep coming back. For such an overstated fashion palate to last this long is unusual and the shiny stuff isn’t on its way out yet. For fall, gold is generally being replaced with silver. Stars like Beyonce have already been seen rockin’ weave belts of the silver variety.

While metallics are still hot for the fall, there are a few guidelines to adhere to in order to look tasteful and not tacky after the summer months:

1) One hue at a time please! Only your grandmother could pull off silver and gold all in the same ensemble but that was in 1986. Pick one hot metallic at a time and go with it.
2) One item at a time please! It was cute to be matchy matchy in the summer with your gold hobo bag, and gold sandals, and gold bag just pick one item at a time to glitz up for the fall.
3) Evening hours only! Only the most daring fashionista can pull off the shiny stuff in the daytime during the fall months. If this is your first time experimenting with metallics, wear it for evenings out first.

While the over saturated boho look may be on its way out, don’t throw out your sequined skirts and tops yet! Paired with cowboy boots, your sparkly skirts will get a brand new makeover. And your sequined tunics? Well save them for next summer.

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