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Great Look for Summer: Dramatic Winged Eyes

0 Comments 09 July 2010

As fashion accessories go, eye makeup is making its case as a must-have addition to just about any outfit if recent runways are any indication. You also see the look in celebrity news stories regularly, particularly with events like movie premieres, where cameras crowd the red carpet. Zoe Saldana and Gisele Bündchen, and Amanda Seyfried have been seen in winged eyeshadow, done with dark shades swept upward from the outer corners of the eye.

This is what is known to makeup artists as a “graphic eye,” and when done well, it is gorgeous! When done poorly, however, it can be a disaster, so practice is essential before wearing winged shadow out in public.

Unless you’re going for a really dramatic look for a party, you should probably steer clear of kohl and black, and go with gray and / or taupe instead. You basically apply the shadow to the eyelids, focusing on the crease, and sweeping it upward and outward.

If you’re using, for example, taupe and gray, you want to keep the shadow lighter toward the inner half of the eyelid, gradually going darker toward the outer edge. Several coats of mascara on outer lashes (plus a few individual false lashes if you’re so inclined) will finish off the look nicely.

If you love the look, but feel like you’re all thumbs with eyeshadow, you can buy stencil kits to help you along. No kidding! A company called bender beauty makes the Get in Line Eyeliner and Stencil Kit that comes with the shadows, stencils, and brush, along with step by step instructions. You choose a kit with either a light base shade for fair skin, or a warmer base shade for medium to dark skin.

Many of today’s top fashions require a dramatic eye to complete the look, and winged eyeshadow is one very popular approach. With a little practice (and maybe a little help from a stencil kit), you can acquire this dramatically upswept look for yourself.

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