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Guest Blogger: Celebrity T-Shirts – The Heroes, The Wannabes and The Crooks

0 Comments 19 June 2008

Guest writer Buy Tees wrote a very informative post about Celebrity T-Shirts and everything you need to know.

Celebrity T-Shirts?

Autographed t-shirtÂ

We all know about the power of celebrity and fame, we see it all around us everyday, movies, music, gossip columns, advertising campaigns, you name it a celebrity will more than likely be involved somewhere in the process. The power of the t-shirt is a different kind of animal; messages and ideas, styles and statements are proliferated virally from “the ground up”. In recent years the two have combined to create a media-munching cash cow known as the “Celebrity T-Shirt”. This is a rather generic term, and some of our loyal readers have recently emailed Buy Tees, about the credibility of certain sites claiming to have sold their own products, directly to celebrities. I’ll tell you the disturbing truth soon, but for now I think for the understanding of all we should break down the term “Celebrity T Shirt” into its various sub-genres, so you know exactly what you’re buying from who.

Here’s a quick list:

1.Used Celebrity T-Shirts “As Worn By Celebrities” T-Shirt Market
2.T-Shirts Designed by Celebrities
3.Charity Tees Designed, Worn, or Endorsed by Celebrities (Or all 3!
4.Fan T-Shirts (Signed by Celebrities – Normally Run-of-the-Mill Licensed with Signature).
5.”As Bought by Celebrities” T-Shirt Market
6.T-Shirts Using Celebrity Images (Licensed Celebrity Likenes Artwork/Photography)

Now that we have your attention you must visit Buy Tees to find out all of the important details you need to know about celebrity t-shirts!

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