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Hairstyle Looks: Bangs & Buns

1 Comment 17 June 2010

Lea Michele and Nicole Richie

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s turned the updo with a light fringe of bangs into an iconic style. The look has come and gone several times since then. It is not a universally flattering look, just as Hepburn’s capri pants and slim tops weren’t right for all figures. Heavy bangs are not easy to get away with unless you have a very symmetrical face, and most of us don’t. The best kind of bangs to wear with your hair up in a bun are lighter, more unkempt bangs that aren’t very heavy and thick.

Lea Michele and Nicole Richie are two stars who have worn this look recently, with Michele going for a substantial beauty-queen bun and Richie keeping it the size that her actual head of hair provides. My honest opinion on this is that I hope that Michele’s bangs are a hairpiece, because she looks a whole lot better without them. The thickness of the bangs, and the way they clearly frame the sides of her forehead emphasize the squareness of her jaw.

Richie comes out a little ahead in this “Who wore it best” match-up, because of the slightly unkempt wispiness and the imperfect bangs. It would probably look picture perfect if her hair was a lighter color. Black hair is one of those things: if it looks good on you, it really, really looks good on you, but if it doesn’t, neither makeup nor clothing choices can make it work.

Fortunately, the updo with bangs isn’t only for those with dark or black hair. The key to getting it to look great is keeping it a little “undone” and making sure the bangs are imperfect. Bangs that are too long are far better than bangs that are too short. And unless you’re attending a really formal event, the bun you make with your own hair will almost certainly look better than one you make with the aid of a hairpiece, though if you have shorter hair, you may have no choice but to enlist in the aid of a hairpiece. For most occasions, you want to make it look as if you didn’t spend a huge amount of time putting your hair up.


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1 comment

  1. Meggie says:

    I recut bangs from time to time but they’re just too hard upkeepwise, especially when they’re as long as Lea’s. She looks a little 80’s in that photo to me. Nic always gets it right. Love her boho style.

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