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Haute Looks: Detailed Neckline Dresses

2 Comments 15 February 2008


Keira Knightley (source)


Thandie Newton (source)

Are you SO bored of tried and true styles? Do peacoats, pencil skirts and tailored trousers make you want to snooze? Then you must try tops and dresses with detailed necklines.

As a former DIY fashionista junkie (I practically evoked Molly Ringwald circa “Pretty in Pink” in high school, much to my sewing machine’s dismay) I really can appreciate a little something different now and then. Especially when that something is fabulous like these detailed neckline dresses.

Now this look isn’t for everyone, and it may even be a little hard to pull off, but don’t be afraid to try it out. Dresses with detailed straps like on Keira Knightley or even a crocheted top over a tank will add a little something different to your wardrobe.

If you love the idea of this strappy trend, then check out these looks from Charis Designs for a casual detailed inspired look:


Charis Designs, Bohemian Pinache, $128.00


Charis Designs, Decadence Shawl, $88.00

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