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Haute Winter Trend: Colored Tights

2 Comments 26 November 2008

Gucci and Luella featured Colored Tights in their 2008 runway shows

I must admit, I’ve never been a big fan of tights. Living in Florida, I can have bare legs pretty much year-round. However, this winter has been unusually cold, leaving me looking for a warmer alternatives.

Though this isn’t ground-breaking news, opaque tights have been big on the fashion scene for fall/winter of ’08. Basic black is a must, but other colors are making their way into the mainstream. Gray, navy blue and deep purples are favorites of mine, with olive greens, mustard and fuchsia popular colors among the most daring fashionistas.

But how do you pull off all of these colorful ensembles? It’s easier than you think, and is a great way to set yourself apart from all of the drab winter colors out there. Try these combinations and see what works best for you:

Gray:  pair gray tights with a plaid skirt or dress, Gray also looks great with yellow and can basically be worn just like black tights for a more muted look.

Navy: same rules apply to navy tights as gray tights, but stay away from pair them with purples or blues. Navy tights with a black dress can look really sophisticated if done right, so consider that option.

Deep purple: I wore my deep purple tights today with a gray dress, a black cardigan, and black patent flats. Purple tights are also great under a fall floral dress or with plaid or houndstooth skirts.

Brights: if you are going to wear bright tights in winter, then be sure to mute the rest of your look. Yellow tights with a gray dress or fuchsia tights with a black skirt and top are just right. Too much color may have you looking like an evil superhero, so just be careful with that.

I love Target’s Merona line …at $5.99 a pair, you really can’t lose, and they offer all of the basic colors you’ll need for this winter. Hue is a little more expensive (about $12.50 a pair), but they offer a great variety of really beautiful colors (I must have peacock!).

Hue Tights, $12.50

How have you worn colored tights this winter? Tell us your favorite way to work this trend and how it fits into your wardrobe!

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2 Comments so far

  1. MizzJ says:

    This isn’t a new trend, but I’ve certainly fallen into the tights bandwagon! They are great coverage pieces for transitioning your short skirts and tunics into winter. You can also buy tights for a good price at H&M, who offers them in multi-packs.

  2. Wendy O says:

    I also got a great pair of tights from A.N.A. at Sears this weekend for $5. Thanks for the tip!

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