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Katie, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

Not only does 26 year old Katie Holmes have new arm candy but she has developed a new sexy, feminine style. The Ohio native is enjoying a lot of new experiences this year. She has recently moved to New York City, exposed her new love for Tom Cruise, is starring in her first blockbuster film (Batman Begins) and is sporting a new chic style. In a recent interview with InStyle magazine Katie wore a pair of flared Salt Work jeans, a black Prada jacket and red patent leather flats by Hogan. This outfit is evidence that she is already fitting in well with the hip NYC style. In the interview she told InStyle that her favorite shops in New York are Marc Jacobs, Chanel, DKNY, Club Monaco, and Hogan. Katie feminine style consists of romantic dresses with an empire waist and classic blazers with jeans. Her handbag style consists of neutral colors that can go with any outfit.

Try leFashionista’s Diva Collection to get Katie’s sweet look.

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