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Hot Halloween Costumes this Year are Celebrities

0 Comments 15 October 2009

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Halloween is the one day a year you’re allowed to be anyone you want to be. And according to costume retailers, a lot of people want to be celebrities, even celebrities who are no longer among the living.

Here are 5 more celebrity costumes that are proving popular for 2009, in alphabetical order.

Perhaps the easiest celebrity costume if you happen to be a middle aged dude is Billy Mays. If you’re clean shaven, you’ll need some facial hair substitute, add a big smile, thumbs up, and carry a bottle of OxyClean. Oh, and when you say “Trick or Treat,” say it really loud.

Evidently a lot of people this year are interested in dressing up like “The Octomom,” which sounds like a deep-sea creature, but is actually the mother of 14 (all under age 8) who had eight babies earlier this year. Another famous female that will inspire a lot of costume ideas this year is former vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

If you want to dress up as Kanye West, don’t forget the shades. And when that little kid in front of you tries to say “Trick or treat,” push in front of him before he can finish and demand your Halloween candy first. And finally, there are plenty of people both male and female who will be dressing up as Amy Winehouse. She may not have been as visible in 2009 as she was in 2008, but the costume potential is too huge to ignore.

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