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How to Become a Fashion Model?

2 Comments 13 July 2009

Guest Blogger: Lyndsay Cabildo


Do you want to be a Fashion Model?  What are your chances to be in the Fashion Modelling Industry?  Find out How to Become a Fashion Model by reading on

Modelling is easy and difficult, depending on the attributes, physical assets, and luck that you have will determine how easy or hard to get in the industry.  Often times, it is easier for tall women to get in if great personality is present.  It is not all about the looks, it is the total package that counts.  Here’s the checklist to find out if you can get in. Continue reading at

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  1. Drew Austin says:

    Speak to David Lerner. If you have the look maybe he will let you model his clothing for a start.

    Check out The Campus Socialite Exclusive Interview with Hot New Clothing Designer David Lerner of

  2. yahaira says:

    i relly want 2 be a model!!!!!!!!!!!!

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