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How to Choose Trendy Footwear for Teens

0 Comments 10 May 2010


Shoes are always girls’ best friend, most girls are dying to wear different shoes on different styles of their outfit.  Coming from a reader, Greta, 16, who asked me to write about teen footwear and I told her I will…So this is to grant your wish Greta!
Teen Tips to Make Your Footwear Trendy All the Time

Teens can wear anything and still get away with it, that’s the fun of being young and bubbly.  It’s like you can cross both bridges at the same time.  I’.m talking about fashion, teens can either wear their high heels or emo sneakers and still be in the trend so no need to restrict yourself to one style.  I’ll be here to tell how to do it and how to make you look good on every footwear!

* Wear with Your Age. Choosing footwear to wear isn’t really that hard, all you have to do is know what your personality or image you would want to project.  Be it emo, formal, casual, sporty, or whatever your mood dictates you to wear.  Always remember your age, do not be too formal as a vintage theme will look weird on a young teen (still, if you know how to work it out,  then wear it). To discover more tips  read entire post here

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