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How to Double Your Closet Space

0 Comments 06 May 2013

After loosing a hundred pounds, I had a bunch of clothes in my closet I could no longer use. After going on a giant shopping spree, I was facing another big project; cleaning out my closet to make room! Lets just say that my weight was not the only thing that got away from me. With my new wardrobe, my husband was happy to hear that I not only wanted to clean out my closet, but organize the cluttered mess it had become. After a few trips to pick up materials and some web research, I have an amazing new closet that holds twice as many outfits, while remaining manageable and organized. Here are a few tips on how I was able to achieve the impossible.

Clean It Out – The first big step to cleaning out your closet is cleaning out all the old clothes you no longer wear. It is always a good idea to bag the old clothes and shoes and give them away to a charity where people can use them rather than just hauling them out to the curb. For the clothes that remain, take them off the hangers and lay them out on the floor (or bed) or fold them.

Store Unused Clothing – A fallacy among us clothing addicts is that we have to have instant availability to every outfit we own. This does nothing but cost us space and make everything slightly harder to find. You can easily double the space in your closet by storing fall and winter items during the summer months or summer dresses and halters during the winter months. Keep the clothes in a box in your basement, or under your bed until you need them. Keep it easily accessible in case you need easy access to a sweater or jacket on those sometimes chilly summer nights.

Utilize Bars – Most closets have high enough ceilings that dual bars can instantly increase the amount of storage. Put one bar about a foot from the ceiling (or lower depending on ceiling height), and then hang another bar about four feet lower. This gives you double the hanging space and allows you to put all your tops on the top rack, and all your pants or skirts on the bottom rack. You can also extend an extra foot on the bar for long items like trench coats or dresses. If you are sharing a closet you can put your husband’s items on the lower bar and yours on the upper bar.

Build Shelving – Shelving is a great way of organizing items that cannot be hung. Put shelves above the poles to put hats, bags, purses or scarves in. Most sweaters are better folded because when they are hung, the hangers leave marks on the shoulders and are visible when you wear it. Shelving is a great solution for shoes as well. Most shelving has the capability to hang from an angle of about forty-five degrees making them ideal to not only store, but also display your awesome shoe collection.

Racks – Racks are a great way of keeping smaller items from getting tangled. Silk ties for men are often hung over the door racks, but these are the cause of tangled ties, or snags when you frequently open and close the closet door. Keep these items folded neatly in racks within your closet rather than hanging from the door. They’re great for visibility, and for keeping these expensive ties safe from damage.

As you can see, with a little organization, anything is possible. We’ve now managed to fit my husband’s clothing and mine into one relatively small closet and we’ve kept it neat and tidy for months. Everything is easy to find, and with a little planning, your closet can be just like ours.

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