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How to Tie a Scarf: 3 Easy Looks

1 Comment 04 December 2007


The New York Minute


The Easy Once Around


The Fancy Twist

Scarf tieing is an age old art that few master…just kidding, it’s really easy! While chilly weather is here, get out your scarves and practice a few basic ties. You may be in a rut with one look or the other, but a twist here and a tuck there will get people oohing and ahhing. Still not sure what to do? Read on for our How-To guide on scarf tieing:

1) The New York Minute

This scarf look became wildly popular amongst the hipster crowd a couple of years back…now it’s probably so passe. Whatever, it’s still one of my favorite looks for scarves. Works best with a pashmina or a scarf with pretty fringe…simply fold your scarf in half and place around the neck, tuck the loose ends (with the fringe) through the open keyhole and pull closed like a neck tie. Voila!

2) The Easy Once Around

I don’t have to explain this one, do I? Double or triple wrap for extra long scarves, or create a variation of your own wrap with this simple look.

3) The Fancy Twist

This look was achieved by doing the “Easy Once Around” and twisting the ends like a braid. Then I swooshed one end over my shoulder and tucked the other end in to let the pretty fringe hang.

Don’t have a scarf? LeFashionista’s got you covered…click HERE for their unique collection of haute scarves by our indie designers.

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  1. Omer says:

    Best way to tie a scarf i find on this site . really thanks

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