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HSN Exclusive! “Faces Of Beautiful You” Product Reviews!

Comments Off 19 December 2008

HSN and Couture in the City is proud to present the Faces of Beautiful You series! We follow Hallie, Smith and Nicki on their fashion and beauty adventures! But we are sharing these very entertaining reviews with you! As well as our own staff reviews of these very cool and hip beauty products. Exclusively from HSN! So read our reviews, and watch the fun and exciting episodes from Hallie, Smith and Nicki!

HSN – Eyes By Design

“The packaging is fabulous! What a great concept for a beauty line. Now you can create an “eye look” based on your eye color and achieve a fabulous finish. The colors are so pretty and soft. And you can complete your look with the Volumizing Mascara for a nice dramatic effect! And you are ready to go!”
Angelique – Editor-In-Chief – Couture in the City

“Want to apply make-up like the pro’s? Then try this! Eyes By Design is great in achieving your own unique signature look for your eyes.”
Jacqueline – Senior Writer, Editor – Couture in the City

HSN – Naughty and Nice Make-Up

Indulge both sides of your personality with Naughty and Nice Makeup Palette by Too Faced. Start out sweet, then transform to sexy as desired! Watch the episode! Blind Date in Sight! Nicki and Smith share the secret of the “transition outfit” as Hallie prepares for a blind date!

“Now I just loved this product! What a clever idea. So I can be naughty and nice. Whenever I want! This is a great kit because you can go ultra glam, with the naughty colors. Nice berries, pinks, and darker shades of eye shadows. (My personal favorite is the dark grey with glitter). And of course those lighter beiges for a softer look. Plus the packaging is really neat and clever. Very cute, very clever design. Loved it!”
Jacqueline – Senior Writer, Editor – Couture in the City

HSN – Ready To Wear lash extension

Enjoy false eyelashes in a bottle with Ready To Wear Lash Extension by Philippe Chansel! Get longer, fuller, thicker looking lashes in seconds.

“What a cleaver idea! I love this product and it is a favorite that I can’t live without. My lashes look so much fuller and beautiful.”
Angelique – Editor-In-Chief – Couture in the City

“Wow! I love this! I already have very full eye lashes. But I love the way the Ready To Wear lash extends and separates my lashes. A must have for your make-up routine!”
Jacqueline – Senior Writer, Editor – Couture in the City

Catch all the episodes at Faces of Beautiful you!

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