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I Adore Chan Luu’s Iconic Bracelets

0 Comments 14 June 2011

Ever since the Vietnamese designer Chan Luu moved to Boston and began to design her own accessories, the industry has been blessed with a fresh take fashion of accessories. Chan Luu’s bracelets are inspired from the cultures of all the peoples of the world. It goes beyond the limited influences of western cultures and delves deep in the core of humanity. Chan Luu is indeed a global phenomenon that both draws on the human psyche and gives back to it a hundred fold. Never have simple accessories become so precious. Chan Luu’s designs have been appreciated all over the world, including by some of the most renowned celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore and many others. They have been featured in premium fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Glamour. Let’s see some of her creations.

Beaded Nugget Wrap Bracelet
This little marvel is a thin natural brown leather cord encasing a strand of white beads (resembling pearls) and gold nuggets. It’s a pure bliss to watch. Casual yet very high class, it creates a sensation in every outfit.

Woven adjustable bracelet

Chan Luu revisits the hippie style with this exquisite piece. The blue tightly-woven threads encasing a string of silver beads convey a sense of calm over the mind. An esoteric piece that could only be produced by an innovative mind like that of Chan Luu.

Blue Mirage Mix Beaded Bracelet
Another exquisite luxury piece from a designer that never ceases to impress with her innovations. The wavy design is simply heart-breaking!

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