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I Adore Designer Style Stalker

0 Comments 21 June 2011

The newest hit of the unconventional designers of Style Stalker is the Snakebite series. The Snakebite trend imitates the skin of snakes in clothing. Style Stalker has incorporated the reptilian features into our regular clothing. And the results are very much flabbergasting!

Let us take the example of this marvelous crystalize blouse cuffed sleeves in crackle print and eye-catching crackle print. The sumptuous details of the snakeskin almost send shimmers down the spine.

Take a look at this marvelous runway dress with flared arms and eye-catching V-neck back. The sumptuous details of the snakeskin almost send shimmers down the spine.

The Venom maxi dress has been tailor-made for the seductress with its deep V-neck and cut-out sides.

Likewise, the Venom Frill dress, a loose-fitting dress with handkerchief hem epitomizes the serpent getting out of her skin. A very sexy piece that defies current norms, this snakeskin is hallucinatingly beautiful.

Besides the Snakebite series, Style Walker proposes an exquisite khaki top called the Soldier On Jacket. A beautifully designed jacket with big buttons and belt, it looks most attractive with black pants and shirt.

The Hollow Knit Dress is another all-time hit for Style Stalker. Again, defying norms, the lurid designers have created a half bareback dress that is simply sublime with black pants.

Semi-transparent, it brings casual sexiness in your apparel. An excellent creation for parties and social events where you can expose your fashion sense. Style Stalker’s pierced tops are a fashion statement of their own. Casual to the limit of neglect, these wonderful pieces will do perfectly for parties will certainly turn heads wherever you go. A definite must-have for the young at heart.

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