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I Adore White for Summer

0 Comments 12 May 2011

White, the color of innocence and purity, is once again fashionable in 2011. White is really THE summer color. It reflects light. It is attractive while remaining totally neutral. It goes with everything. In the hot summer weather, light-colored clothing is more suitable. Heat bounces off white clothes, making for easier wear.

White clothing is stylish and classy. It is youthful but can be worn at any age. You do not have to worry about your skin tone as white goes with everything. You can even be careless in the choice of other clothes because of the versatile nature of white clothing. White is the new fashion statement of this year. White has been in the celebrity fashion style for some time now. The white evening dress of Katherine Heigl at the Emmy Awards is but one example.

A.L.C’s new twisty dress in white is another good example of a nice formal dress that is both classy and breathtakingly beautiful.

Hudson’s Flap pocket skinny slim-style jeans are a good example of the white fashion statement.  This beautiful piece hugs the body firmly, accentuating the silhouette; a beauty on its own merit.

In terms of accessories, white is also making a comeback this year. Everything from white-brimmed sunglasses, watches, cuffs, bracelets and brooches are popping up everywhere.

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