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Insta Glam: How-to Give Yourself a Manicure! Celebrity Nail Polish Trends

0 Comments 28 January 2008


Sarah Michelle Gellar with one hot manicure (source)

Feelin’ a little blue? Stuck in a style rut, and have an equally stuck budget too? My favorite trick for giving myself a glam little lift is a femme and fancy manicure. For about $4, you can give your hands (and your attitude) a hot little pick me up thanks to a simple bottle of nail polish. You don’t have to spend tons on nail polish (but if you’ve got the cash, treat yourself to a nice bottle of Chanel, MAC or OPI) in a trendy color for instant glam.

If you want to splurge, then definitely go and see the professionals for a manicure, but in between, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it up on your own! Take a 30 minute break while you are watching “Gossip Girl” or whatever your guilty favorite is and start polishin’.

Here’s how to give yourself a manicure with these simple tools:

1) Nail polish (duh): Get a hot hue (right now deep purples are trendy) and a clear top coat.

2) Nail file, cuticle cutters and any other shaping/cutting tool you like.

3) Nail polish remover, cotton swabs and a towel to protect surfaces.

4) Your favorite lotion.

5) A free block of time and a glass of wine (optional, of course).

Start with clean, lotioned hands, being sure to cut and shape your nails and push back cuticles. SLOWLY and carefully paint your nails, ignoring mistakes until the end. Wait 15 minutes in between coats and finish with clear topcoat. When your nails are all dry, use a cotton swab to erase mistakes with nail polish remover.

Don’t get frustrated if you can’t get it perfect and trust me, resist the urge to fold laundry while you wait for them to dry!  A sexy manicure is the perfect way to give yourself an affordable little pick me up, so give it a try on your day off and enjoy effortless and easy glam.

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