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Jessica Biel, Brad Pitt Top Celebs for Hacks with Viruses

0 Comments 28 August 2009

Jessica Biel looking good in fitness wear on the set of Valentines Day

Jessica Biel

According to antivirus software provider McAfee, searching and clicking on links for Jessica Biel is more likely to open your computer to spyware and viruses than searching on any other celebrity. Last year’s top virus attractor was Brad Pitt. Runners-up in the dubious honor include Beyonce, Tom Brady, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Aniston.

Hackers attach malicious computer code to websites about certain celebrities. When a celebrity skyrockets in popularity, hackers can target many more people. Antivirus software is essential to running a computer these days. It doesn’t have to be McAfee, but computer users who frequent celebrity websites should try to stay a step ahead of the malicious software that often gets attached to those sites by installing and using anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. Getting rid of the viruses themselves can be very frustrating.

On the other side of the issue, those who dislike McAfee for its ability to cause computer slow-downs and for what they believe to be McAfee’s obsolete technology say that searching celebrity sites isn’t the problem, but rather using archaic anti-virus programs like McAfee lead users into thinking their PC is safe when it isn’t.

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