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Jewelry Designer: Erica Anenberg

0 Comments 06 July 2010

In fashion accessories news, jewelry designed by Erica Anenberg is all the rave in celebrity fashion circles these days. Anenberg  makes jewelry that is young, fresh, different, and unexpected. She introduced the world to the “twosome” ring, which goes over two fingers at once, for example. It’s a style that’s been seen on stars like Jessica Alba, and her designs in general are favored by stars like Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz, Pink, and Drew Barrymore.

The reason her designs are making such a splash in the world of celebrity fashion trends is that they are the very opposite of stuffy “estate” jewelry, but are instead innocent, sexy, and elegant. She’s drawn raves from media outlets like People, Fine Jewelry News, InStyle, and Marie Claire. No less a stellar figure than Sir Elton John ordered 1,000 of Anenberg’s specialty key chains to include in his gift bags for the Academy Awards Governor’s Ball.

There is no question that Anenberg is a rising star and a darling of the popular media. She is also a talented photographer who trained and earned a degree from Cal State Northridge. In addition to her fashion accessories, she’s designed stained glass windows for L.A.’s Kabbalah Center Synagogue, and designed the stained-glass ice bar for the Oscars, as well as keepsakes for guests at the Emmy Awards.

One standout design is her “Blind Faith” ring. It is a silver plated ring with the phrase “Blind Faith” in Braile, and the plain text etched on the inside. This is a stirring and unique take on the plain silver band, and would make a lovely unconventional wedding ring. Her necklaces range from the playful (such as “candy heart” inspired pendants) to the sublime, with one lovely 18-inch light blue suede necklace featuring a 1-inch 14K gold plated charm reading “sacred.”

These are very different from traditional jewelry, and a welcome change to an elegant, approachable, meaningful look. As fashion trends go, this one looks poised to stick around. Erica Anenberg’s jewelry is available at high-end retailers in the US and Japan, including Kitson, who claim Anenberg as their top-selling designer of accessories. You should see for yourself what all the fuss is about at her website,

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