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Jewelry Is Big On The Runways

Comments Off 05 May 2008

Jewelry is it! The most happening accessory out there now depends on the designer necklace. Houses such as Gucci, Vera Wang and Burberry, are creating dazzling and dizzying jewelry. Gosh, how do the models do it? Let alone how we are expected to follow suit!

These noisy pieces are making quite the statement. And it seems as though chunky pieces are the trend.

Marc Jacobs
Jacobs rings it up with gold

The moods change as we are enticed with Marc Jacobs gold line. This almost reminds me of something that an ancient Egyptian should wear. Not to be a smirk. But all in all this piece is very elegant. It brings high sophistication and radiance to ones face, and is a very dynamic piece. This is something I dare you to wear.

Lanvin gets gatsby

You can’t get any more roaring twenties than this fashion hype. This is actually cool. And not so daring like Marc Jacobs. I could actually see myself wearing this outfit. Gold sequenced dress with dripping pearls. I quite like this one. How about you?

Vera Wang
Vera Wang

Ahh finally, some real class! Vera Wang never disappoints with this perfectly chucky diamond piece. Superb!

Dries Van Noten
Dries Van Noten

Now what happened here? Did someone swallow some bracelets for lunch? A little much for a necklace. Bangles and bracelets belong only in one place…your wrist. Sorry Van your not the man this time.

Gucci stays elegant with a Moroccan flair

Gucci brings hammered gold leaves with a taste of Morocco. Very elegant.

Marni brings us a bouquet of flowers

Want to wear flowers? This is such a special piece. Chunky and colorful.

‘Burberry Prorsum’ goes medieval on us

I didn’t know that medieval fashion was so popular still? But what do we expect from Brit brand Burberry. The Burberry Prosum collection is daring, vagarious, and I’m sure quite challenging to wear…
Just try not to hug friends and such at dinner parties whilst wearing this number. OK.

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