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2 Comments 14 May 2008

Today’s women always feel rushed and stressed. Were working girls, mothers, wives, family women. And career women. When can we just melt away all that stress…

Well here at Couture we may have the answer for you, Johnson & Johnson Melt Away Stress.

I can admit to feeling this way many times myself. And just trying to relax can be tough. But, I am a perfectionist when it comes to aromatherapy. But I must admit I was very excited to review this new product.

Ladies, I highly recommend taking some time out for yourself and doing this at home ritual and spa treatment using the Melt Away Stress collection. This ‘lavender and chamomile’ infused product is highly effective. I recommend using the Melt Away Stress 24-hour moisturizing wash, moisturizing lotion, and oil.

Johnson & Johnson Melt Away Stress Line
Johnson & Johnson Melt Away Stress Collection

Start with the moisturizing wash, I actually used the wash as a bubble bath to get the full experience. I used the moisturising oil whilst my skin was wet. This is actually a great aromatherapy tool. The reason being that the essential oils will be absorbed directly into the blood stream, thus taking full effect with the treatment. I felt relieved of all my stress! Taken care of, nurtured and very relaxed. I was quite surprised with how well the line worked.

To finish your session, use the moisturising lotion to top off the whole experience. Believe me you will be stress free, refreshed, and sleeping like a baby again.

Source: Johnson’s Melt Away Stress


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  1. Peter Belisi says:

    We men have stress too.

  2. sally says:

    Dear lord….essential oils are not “absorbed into your bloodstream.” You’d go into toxic shock if that were the case.

    The whole point of aromatherapy is that the AROMA is calming.

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