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Jude Law’s Life Messier than Hamlet’s

0 Comments 08 August 2009

Jude Law leaving Quo Vadis, London

Jude Law

Rather than returning to the stage in triumph with his latest role as Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Jude Law is confronting a press eager to go with the story of his tryst with an American aspiring model and actress who is expecting his child in October. The press in London has had a ball attaching lines of Shakespeare to stories about Law. The high art in his theatre role has only heightened by contrast the unseemly nature of his affair with the baby’s mother, Samantha Burke.

While professional celebrity pundits chide him for stupidly having affairs with women who have nowhere near as much to lose as he does, the American press is similarly having a field day with this woman that nobody had heard about until last week.

The woman, Burke, is now living with her parents at their home in Pensacola, Florida. She recently confirmed that she is expecting a girl in October and plans to name her Sophia. It wasn’t that easy for her to reach Law to tell him the news, according to Radar. His cell phone number was no longer in service, and he was working on a movie, so she had to contact him through his publicist. Sources say he was dismissive at first, not believing the child to be his, but DNA tests proved that he is in fact the father. Law already has three children ages 12, 8, and 6, by ex-wife actress Sadie Frost.

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