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Just how bad is ‘The Bounty Hunter’?

1 Comment 25 March 2010

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The new movie starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler is mostly getting reviews that don’t so much talk about the movie as about the actors, who may or may not be in a relationship. In The Bounty Hunter, the two play ex spouses who are still sort of fragile. Since the divorce, Milo (Butler) finds himself kicked off the police force and working instead as a bounty hunter. Nicole (Aniston) has become a star journalist who lives in luxury and dresses for work like no journalist in the real world ever does.

She skips bail to chase down A Big Story and he gets assigned to capture her for jumping bail. Yeah, OK. While it has definite potential for and fan expectation of various hijinks, the movie is really just a big letdown that will find itself on DVD real soon now. The plot does sort of get some traction toward the end, but by then it’s too late.

Aniston and Butler are still not talking about whether they’re a couple, but further evidence that they are can be found in the chemistry the two have in the 13-page pictorial featuring them in the April issue of W magazine. They also appear on the cover, looking like they’re trying not to look smitten. Whatever. It’s more fun than speculating about why in the world they agreed to do a movie like The Bounty Hunter.

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  1. I think Jennifer Aniston is a great actress she has just picked roles that really don’t do anything for her.

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