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Kanye West Apologizes for Being a Jerk

0 Comments 14 September 2009

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

Kanye West

Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West once again showed why he’s rapidly turning into a has-been. In a moment that some say was staged, West interrupted the acceptance speech of young singer Taylor Swift, took the mike from her, and opined that Beyonce should have won the category rather than Swift. He left Swift dumbfounded on the stage, while Beyonce sat in the audience, clearly incredulous at West’s behavior.

Once they realized what was going on, the audience booed West as he left the stage. He got his second helping of comeuppance later in the evening when Beyonce was awarded the coveted top award “Video of the Year.” Fortunately, she was far classier than West, yielding her stage time to Taylor Swift so that she could properly give her acceptance speech.

West later issued a semi-appropriate apology via his blog (while still insisting that Beyonce’s video should have won), but to VMA fans, it was far too little, too late. Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill posted on his Twitter account, “At least we got to see the worst haircut since 1984 try to steal the spotlight from lovely Taylor Swift.”

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