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Kate Gosselin Defies Biology: Gets Long Hair Overnight

1 Comment 15 January 2010


Kate Gosselin started out the new decade as a single woman with long blond hair. The hair cost around $7,000 and a good 20 or so hours in the stylist’s chair. The whole hair makeover involved a new haircut, new coloring, and individual hairs attached all around Gosselin’s hair. “Painstaking” would not be an inappropriate adjective for the process.

The mother of eight’s “reverse mullet” haircut that swept middle America into a hair cutting and Halloween wig frenzy that lasted most of the autumn of 2009 is now a thing of the past. With her eye on a new career as an actress, talk show host, or some other career lucrative enough to raise eight kids on, Gosselin told People magazine that it was “good to have hair again.”

Celebrity pundits are busy speculating about what her new hairdo really means. Is she going for the Hollywood starlet look in hopes of getting acting jobs? Does she want to be one of the Real Housewives of whatever wealthy zip code they’re filming now? Is she perhaps getting ready to have her own midlife crisis, now that her ex has done that so brazenly? And of course, the question on a lot of people’s minds: Will stylists all across America find themselves learning how to install hair extensions on all those reverse mullets out there?

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  1. The technology of our age is just amazing. If I wasn’t all OC about growing my own hair long, I would definitely consider extensions.

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