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Katie Holmes – A New Style Icon

22 Comments 02 April 2008

Katie Holmes -the latest Mrs.Cruise – has become to the fashion and style industry quite the trend setter.
From her humble beginnings on Dawson Creek, and then whirl wind romance, with an Italian wedding to one of the most powerful actors in the world – Tom Cruise. Katie has really been on a great ride! Long hair, jeans, and a somewhat quiet demeur. Has turned around to absolute classic.

katie Holmes

A before and after. Katie’s style in hair fashion saw young lady locks, to a hot classic chic cut.

Katie has become a style icon. Befitting her new role, with stylish friends such as Victoria Beckham. Katie brought us the latest trend with the ‘bob’. Which almost everyone went out to their hair stylist to get.

Katie Holmes

The classic ‘bob’ hair cut, which Katie made the hottest look to get in hollywood.

Katie took couture to the next level with her ‘In Style’ Magazine shoot. Where she donned high couture.

Katie Holmes - In Style Magazine

Katie Holmes - In Style Magazine

katie Holmes - In Style Magazine

And if thats not enough, Katie is soon to launch her own fashion label with
Giorgio Armani . Aptly named Katie Holmes for Armani.

katie Holmes

Katie Holmes, wearing Giorgio Armani at one of the designer’s fashion shows.

Holmes revealed to the latest issue of OK! Magazine that her first collection will be aimed at the much smaller shoppers: toddlers. Using nearly two-year-old daughter Suri as inspiration, the chic line will be out as soon as Spring 2009. From there, Holmes has a line for older children to hit stores in Fall 2009 and finally a line of women’s clothes and handbags for Fall 2010.

The Armanis and Cruises have developed a close friendship, and since first meeting Holmes in Rome three years ago, Giorgio himself has been dressing her. At red carpet events, both Holmes and Cruise often slip into the elegant threads of the designer – they even wore Armani on their wedding day.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes on her wedding day to Tom Cruise, wearing Giorgio Armani.

And the seasoned designer has taken Holmes under his wing, helping her learn the ways of the fashion world. All the lines are going to be somewhat budget-friendly, prices comparable to Armani ready-to-wear.

Sources for images and content: yahoo images, lifestyle fashion.

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22 Comments so far

  1. Cindy says:

    I wish Armani was my friend :(

  2. Gary says:

    Katie Holmes has definitely stepped up her fashion from the Dawson’s Creek days! when her line comes out I will definitely check it out for my girlfriend. She’s really into fashion and she goes to Bleu a lot to buy most of her clothes, when the line premiers I am sure she will be back at her favorite store looking for it

  3. acha says:

    KaTiE iS bEaUtIfUl GiRl…
    YoU aRe ThE bEsT !!!

  4. Beachy says:

    I wish Armani was my friend too!

  5. Shadan says:

    i like her in that black trench coat! stunning…

  6. shara says:

    Too bad she married such a freak! I guess it’s a plus for her. I’m sure he has a lot of input on her wardrobe.

  7. Sophia says:

    I think she looks like a sad Posh clone and fake doll, and she has lost all her personality and sparkle. That’s what hanging out with narcissists such as Cruise and the Beckhams will do to you… They don’t reallty want you to be an individual, but rather an object or a mirror…

    The worst thing is that Suri also already looks like a sad little doll :(

  8. J. Cochran says:

    You’re right, she has became a style icon. She taken a few risks here and there, but it’s all worked out beautifully. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the bob at first, but now I think it’s chic.

  9. Leo says:

    Champagne Wishes and Caviar dreams.

  10. Kris says:

    Has Katie learned to speak on her own yet?

  11. Elana says:

    Even Katie’s persona and confidence seems to have changed. Amazing what a makeover and marriage can do for a girl!

  12. I like her, she looks good in the old days, but indeed, she looks better and hot this days. Money can do so much in the everyone’s look, no matter if it’s Katie or not. She will look like a child of Tom if she retain her old look of style, so she’s better for what she is now.

  13. i’m a huge fan of her! i love the way she dresses! She’s looking hot in that red coat!!

  14. But i do like her more when she was young looking…

    though, shes still beautiful

  15. Celebritrade says:

    Do you think she had to bend down for Tom in their wedding pictures?

  16. Cherie-boo says:

    She does look amazin’. It REALLY helps with that kind of money, associate’s, and married to one of the top, freak-Husband’s in Hollywood. It wouldn’t be that hard. I do not think I could put up with him. She does have the cutest toddler. This marriage will probably go just like Tom’s last one. I’d be out spending his money too!!

  17. kiki says:

    I don’t see it, to me an icon is someone that has done it themselves,you see in their past a progression of style, someone that naturally evolved into their own. This chick had a team of people transform her, she went from zero to sixty right after she started dating tom cruise. Sorry,she looks nice these days sure, but she is NO icon.

  18. acer says:

    “kiki” beat me to it. Just about anyone can look like a fashion idol if they had a team behind them. Katie always looks disheveled when out on her own and even worse, seems extremely unhappy.

  19. Katie Holmes is really pretty good looking, when she was in bob looking hairstyle. The snap taken with Tom Cruise in marriage is amazing….. isn’t it…

  20. Lisa says:

    She looks beautiful as always! But why did she marry Tom Cruise?

  21. Reni says:

    Katie always looked cute and lovely girl. I like her from “Dawson’s Creek” times. :)

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