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Katy Perry promotes AIDS Awareness in Japan

1 Comment 28 May 2009


Katy Perry

Singing star Katy Perry recently made an appearance at the new H&M clothing store in Tokyo’s Harajuku district. She was promoting a new line of AIDS awareness clothing.

She has been busy elsewhere, recently doing a photo shoot for Complex magazine. In the series of photos, Perry is dressed in a dark, edgy S&M style, with lots of black and lace-up corseting. She recently told reporters, “It’s a bit of a darker side of me, a little S&M.

“Though I did have to hang from a cage, which could have easily gone wrong with the five-inch heels I was wearing.”

But fortunately there were no dangerous wardrobe malfunctions, just plenty of sexy, dark photos.

In the feature, Perry tells the magazine that she has “a soft spot for musicians, a guy who can write a song or say how he feels and put it into a song, and is super poetic.”

She also tells what she does to keep her, um, physical assets from sagging: daily push-ups.

“It’s about doing push-ups. You know that, right?” she said in the feature.

Perry also dished that flirting is great, but one-night stands, she says, are “disgusting.”

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1 comment

  1. lyculou says:

    I love Katy Perry! She is such a good singer with a great personality. I love the way she is herself in front of the camera wihtout caring what people say. Like when she was dancing “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, on which she totally sucked at. I wish more artist could be like this instead of being all snoty and don’t thank the public for their success. I’m glad to hear that she did this noble cause that will help people around the world. I also saw her pictures in the Complex magazine and she looks amazing. Good to know she has respect for herself and doesn’t go around having one night stands. i admore her for that. She is deffinately one of my favorite singers. Keep up the good work Perry and hope you never change!

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