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Keira Knightley Feels Guilty Spending on Clothes

0 Comments 12 December 2010

Keira Knightley, perhaps best known for her roles in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies, says that she still occasionally worries about spending too much on the clothes that express her fashion style even though she knows she can afford it. She told Britain’s Vogue magazine, “The other day I wanted to buy a Burberry coat. I went into the shop, tried it on, looked at the price, nearly died, and then bought it!”

Knightley also enjoys shopping online for its convenience, and doesn’t worry about letting stylists have their way with her hair. Other celebrity news and gossip about Knightley is that she was ready to quit Hollywood altogether in 2007 after back-to-back filming of the ‘Pirates’ movies. But friend and eventual co-star Cary Mulligan convinced her to stick around and take one of the starring roles in the movie Never Let me Go, released earlier this year.

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