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Kim Kardashian’s On-Trend Blazer!

0 Comments 23 June 2010

Reactions to the re-introduction of shoulder pads into the fashion lexicon in 2009 and 2010 have ranged from curiosity to total stupefaction. In the mid to late 80s, shoulder pads were in everything. I kid you not, there were shoulder pads in the most basic t-shirts, and at one point there were even undergarments with shoulder pads so you could turn any non-padded garment in your wardrobe into power dressing. It could get really weird when you put on a bra with shoulder pads underneath a slim blouse with shoulder pads, underneath a blazer with shoulder pads. It’s amazing that anyone of the era looked like they had a neck.

Fortunately, this time around things are a little saner. The Gala blazer by the Plastic Island design label has definite strong – you might even say peaked – shoulders, but there’s a reason it looks fresh and not frightening. That’s because they’ve made the cut very slimming and eliminated bulk everywhere else. An unstructured jacket with shoulder pads has a tendency to make its wearer look large and lumbering, but with the right cut, you get more of a 1980 Bianca Jagger “Le Smoking” look, which is perpetually hot.

You might not think that a curvaceous lass like Kim Kardashian could make the Gala blazer work, but indeed she does. Kardashian likes form-fitting clothing and makes no attempt to hide her shape. What the blazer does is it punctuates an outfit with class, taking what could be an overly in-your-face sexiness and cooling things down a bit.

Whether you have a curvy body or not, you can make a blazer like the Gala by Plastic Island work. The key is pairing it with something feminine – say a white sequined swing-cut tank dress and sparkly, crystal-embedded shoes. It’s a great way of telling the world that you know you’re a girl, but only the privileged few get to know just how much of a girl you are.

Image credit: peoplestylewatch.com

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