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Kristen Davis Hot as Ever at 45

0 Comments 05 May 2010

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As the release of Sex and the City 2 nears, Kristen Davis recently did an interview with Britain’s Red magazine, where she talked about getting older and weight gain in Hollywood. At age 45, Davis says that her career is as good as ever. When it comes to the pressure to be thin, Davis says that it’s tough to cope with all the criticism from media and on the internet about looks. She says she’s been called “hippy” her entire career, but says that “No one at Sex And the City has ever asked any of us four girls to lose weight. Thank God.”

She attributes her long-lived career to Sex and the City, too, saying that she was always indoctrinated with the line that you have to make it in your 20s or you won’t make it at all. She was in her 30s for most of the television show’s run.

The second movie installment, Sex and the City 2, has received some criticism before ever even opening because of its movie poster, in which all four stars (Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kim Cattrall) appear to have been PhotoShopped within an inch of their lives. Kristen Davis is living proof that all that airbrushing isn’t necessary.

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