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Lady Gaga Fashion

0 Comments 28 September 2010

Going Gaga over Lady Gaga? The Lady Gaga fever maybe toning down a few notches a bit but it’s not going anywhere just yet. Lady Gaga is a celebrity Fashion Trend in her own right, although some may disagree.

The “poker face” star is well known for her music & theatrical music videos & performances that has influenced this generation to an extent. But this does not take away from her celebrity fashion style that has made her the talk of the town in recent events.

She has made celebrity news for her bizarre yet intriguing outfits that were probably made purposely to make heads turn & eyebrows arch—a goal that was obviously reached successfully.

The Gaga has been seen wearing bizarre outfits—from raw meat (which probably made PETA go gaga over Lady Gaga) to see-through granny panties—she’s done it all. What more outrageous outfits can we still see her sporting wearing in the streets of Hollywood next? She is an all around celebrity fashion trend in her own right that the very famous TV show Glee even made an entire episode going all Gaga—which was pretty entertaining.

Lady gaga is truly a fashion icon in her own right. It is safe to say that she is not afraid of ridicule—she may even be fishing for it, if only for publicity—& she’s doing it the right way, because she’s getting all the attention she wants. Lady Gaga wears her fashion with confidence—a true character of being fearless. But I say this; kudos to her, & kudos to her stylists’ & publicists’, they are succeeding, whatever their goal may be. Her idea of celebrity fashion trends may be being overly dramatic & theatrical, but it’s her–& fashion is an expression of yourself, right?

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