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Layering with Jackets this Fall

0 Comments 07 October 2010

The big designer brands have launched their fall fashion trends making virtually every retail store booming in the latest styles and colors of the season. As have been previously expected, the fashion trends show a big emphasis on wardrobe layering to accentuate the opportunity to mix and match various articles of clothing. This in turn can do basically two things to your closet. One is that it can maximize the use of various pieces you may have lying around but don’t find the need to use for fear of over accessorizing. And two is possibly wearing excessive amounts of clothing resulting to having too much going on in a single outfit.

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The idea of the fall fashion trends is to find that balance in layering such that you do not look too bulky but keep yourself amply warm at the same time. That is why the classic jacket is usually the default clothing article that is probably the most essential piece in your closet. With a structured jacket, you can wear it over whatever layering you have underneath and still keep a well tailored shape on the outside. The defined lines of a classic jacket allows your feminine figure to dominate the inside layering you may have put on.

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The fall fashion trends also does not only speak of full buttoned jackets that keep the upper breast closed. There are several lower open cut jackets that may be paired with a cashmere scarf to keep the low opening from keeping you cold. These types of jackets allow for more room to layer not only on the inside but on the outside as well.

The beauty in the using the jacket as a fall Fashion Trend is in its flexibility when worn. You can either dress it down or dress it up for more formal events depending on your style.

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