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Rachel Zoe – celebrity stylist

Look at the Famous People

Chic fashion may be what is current in the clothing industry at the time, but style is a personal expression of an individual’s likes and dislikes. You may or may not have a sense of fashion, but we all have a sense of style. Your style might be comfortable and relaxed, or it may be high-end and expensive. Whatever it is, if you want to learn more about bringing your style to a new level there are some things you can do to learn to style like the pros.

Where to Start

Before you take your first step into a more styled life, you need to really understand who you are and the difference between fashions versus style. Fashion is more of the big picture of what the world is doing with clothing and trends. Style is personal; it’s using current fashion to reveal a personal expression of your tastes, likes, and personality. TLC has given some tips from classic icon, Marilyn Monroe, to help you discover your personal style.

1. Embrace your curves and body shape.

2. Use accessories.

3. Find a signature style you like.

4. Don’t be afraid of bright colors.

5. Embrace your gender.

6. Show some skin or be daring.

7. Structure your style based on your shape.

If you don’t get a solid sense of your individual style, then you will get lost in the fashion and get discouraged because nothing will seem right. Remember the person and their style will always be the foundation you start with, and then you can use fashion to accentuate that.

The Importance of Accessories

Don’t underestimate the power and importance of accessories! They may be small pieces, or items that accent the outfit, but they can make or break a look. Fashion writer Kirsten Nunez states:

“Accessories and clothing have equal significance in an outfit, working together to create an ensemble that expresses your style and who you are.”

Nunez points out that accessories help define:



Look at the Famous People

You may feel limited by your budget or your geography and like you don’t have the resources to become stylish. But if you have a computer with internet access, or a television then you have all you need. Even budget-friendly stores like WalMart have clothing that follows the current fashion trends. And you could look at celebrities to see what is trending, and find things at your local stores that coincide with the trends. You can also watch for tips or insight, like when Project Runway began using pieces from BlueFly you could go online and check out the site for yourself. The buyers at Bluefly are connected with the latest trends and designers and you can search the site to learn more about it all.

Learning about style and how to implement it is not only fun, but a practical skill that will service you no matter what you do in life. Take some of these tips and learn to style like the pros.

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