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Lindsay Lohan Hates her Dad

1 Comment 06 November 2009

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s father, apparently unhappy at the lack of attention he’s been getting in the press, released an audio recording of a phone conversation under the guise of being concerned about his daughter’s sometimes out-of-control life. The tape was released to Radar Online and purportedly revealed that mom Dina Lohan was punched and kicked out of the car when she tried to intervene last year and get Lindsay to go to rehab.

Another call published this week supposedly has Lindsay sobbing and saying, “No one cares about me.”

Lawyers have been called, and Lohan has taken to Twitter to express her feelings on the matter, tweeting “Good news is, I haven’t called him many times @all-so it will end sooner rather than later!!! Lol”

Another tweet said, “Its so sad that I even have to share this w/everyone, but I haven’t had a real relationship w/Michael Sr. in years. That is the truth.”

The 23-year-old actress referred on Twitter to her dad as a “lunatic,” and has reportedly been considering getting a restraining order against him.

Papa Lohan told People that he is simply worried about his daughter’s battle with addiction. “Regardless of what people say to me, Lindsay is my first concern,” he told the magazine.

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  1. Fancy Dress says:

    What a suprise. There’s always something. She does look nice in that photo though.

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