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Lindsay Lohan Vacations in Hawaii with Sis

0 Comments 28 April 2009


Lindsay Lohan in Maui
Actress Lindsay Lohan spent last weekend in Hawaii with her sister Ali and some other girlfriends. She was spotted at a public park in a very small bikini, and she was also seen purchasing designer handbags during her visit. In recent weeks Lohan has complained about her recent lack of film work, blaming it on media attention to her private life.

Recently, she spoke with Us Weekly magazine and on The Ellen Degeneres Show about her split with DJ Sam Ronson, telling Degeneres that her break-up with Ronson came “out of nowhere” but that she and Sam still spend time together.

Photos of Lohan in Maui with her sister show a marked weight loss recently. She and Ali swam in a lava rock pond and played with a dog, enjoying beautiful Hawaii weather.

Sources close to the actress recently told People magazine that her sudden weight loss is a “cry for attention.” Friends of Ronson say that when she is “off-balance,” Lohan doesn’t eat, stays up all night, sleeps all day and misses meals. Friends of both Ronson and Lohan say that her weight loss is alarming.

Ronson’s family says that Ronson doesn’t hate Lohan, but that Lohan’s controlling nature has become too much for her to handle. On The Ellen Degeneres Show, Lohan said that she still loves Ronson.

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