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Linea Pelle Chic Belts

0 Comments 07 June 2011

Since the waist is a strategic place in the silhouette of a woman, the belt is certainly a girl’s best ally, as Lauren Conrad (fashion designer and television personality) so aptly put it. A belt can be used in a large variety of clothes: dresses, sweaters, baby doll shirts, coats and others. They create a waist in voluminous clothes that do not have any. The belt therefore creates the much-desired sensuous silhouette in any attire. The biggest advantage of a belt is that it is very versatile. It completely changes the way a dress can appear. By simply changing a belt, one can wear a single dress in a different way several times. The belt is a key tool in creating one’s own personal look.

The Linea Pelle Collection is certainly one of the best innovations that we have seen in recent years
in the domain of the belt. For example, the Woven Medallion Waist Belt is a wide belt that is to be
worn quite high on the waist. Completely made of leather, this exquisite piece makes any dress into a
full fashion statement. It is certainly the centre-piece of any attire.

Another great product from Linea Pelle is the Linked Double D Ridged Hip belt. This awesome leather belt really adds excitement to your wardrobe. It weaves gently across the hip, taking possession of the whole attire. It is available in three colors: black, dark chocolate and dark brown.

For a more rebellious outlook, the hammered stud wrap waist is certainly the best option. A beautiful piece to make mild dresses into real rebels!

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