Lingerie Care: Berry Ball & Bag

0 Comments 05 July 2010

Today’s clothing designers make the most beautiful lingerie, in gorgeous colors and fine fabrics. We all know that these lovely delicates last longest when they are washed by hand, but who has time? Then again, even on the gentle cycle bras can come out twisted, tangled and even damaged from underwires or other clothing.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and now there’s the Berry Ball & Berry Bag, from Berry Perry. The Berry Ball is designed for laundering bras, and is an ingenious device for today’s top fashions in bras. It’s washable snap-shut bra made of a plastic grid that lets bras go safely through the wash cycle without the damage they can get from regular laundering. You simply place one bra cup into each half of the ball, add the special scrubbing ball, tuck the straps in, and snap the Berry Ball shut. You can get the Berry Ball in Small or Large, accommodating sizes from 32 A to 38 D. You can even choose from pink, blue, or purple!

At a suggested retail price of $13.99, you also get the Berry Bag, which is perfect for underwear, socks, hosiery, and other delicates. Just place items in the Berry Bag and launder as usual. You’ll never lose another sock, and you don’t have to worry about stretching and ruining hosiery in the wash. When you’re not using the Berry Bag, just hang it up by the strap.

The Berry Ball is 100% safe in your washing machine, where it will not damage your machine or other clothes. It also has a backup clasp so you don’t have to worry about it popping open in the wash. You’ll get best results from putting only one bra into the Berry Ball at a time, but you can put multiple Berry Balls into the same wash load. The Berry Bag is dryer safe, but you should never put your Berry Ball into the dryer. And of course you should always hang bras to dry: running them through the dryer will ruin the elastic in no time.

Today’s fashion trends demand high quality bras for the best looks, and good bras require good care. The Berry Ball is an ingenious laundry solution for women who don’t have the time to hand wash bras. You get a hand-washed result, with the convenience of using your washing machine.

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