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Lingerie Solutions for Today’s Fashions: Braza

0 Comments 26 July 2010

Did you read the recent “Page Six” item in the NY Post with Helen Reddy complaining about the fashion trend of overly sexy lingerie available in stores? Her complaint was that most of today’s lingerie was “whorish” and that you can now buy pasties in the lingerie department.

Well, leaving the debate about the trampiness of today’s lingerie behind, it turns out that the pasties serve a purpose, and there are a lot of other lingerie helpers out there that work as hidden fashion accessories to make your regular clothes look their best.

Braza is a company that makes the Braza Bra, the original self-adhesive bra, and so determined were they to impress upon Ms. Reddy that their products are made to make clothing look its best, that they sent her a personalized gift package of their top fashion assisting products.

Braza makes not only self-adhesive bras, but also helpers like double-sided fashion tape to hold clothing in place, bra inserts to boost cleavage, and numerous tools to keep bra straps hidden. If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities wear those strategically draped clothes that nonetheless stay in place effortlessly, go have a look at Braza’s website here. Chances are, you’ll see at least one problem solving item you’d love to have for yourself.

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