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Loving Jewelry Designer The 5th Cloud

3 Comments 11 July 2011

Certainly one of the most innovative minds to have blessed the world of jewelry design has been that of Cinthya Cuba and her label the 5th Cloud. In her own words, the 5th Cloud is that state of mind which is halfway between the earth and the state of absolute bliss that we call heaven. The 5th Cloud is therefore that state of mind which engenders beauty and fascination. This is the feeling that one has when contemplating the designs of Cinthya Cuba. It’s a dreamer’s take on the world. Pure bliss transcends her creations. Let us take a look at her most fabulous stokes of genius.

Turquoise Cuffs
An absolute marvel to behold. A blend of metals and of colors that is most unusual yet bewitching. 144 carat gold-plated brass cuff with striking blue turquoise nuggets embedded in it.

Punk green earrings

These small rectangular blue-green earrings are decidedly a genial design by themselves. Simple yet awe-inspiring, the earrings attract attention and give a certain advantage to the wearer.

Stranded Brown Leather Bracelet
A touch of high class with these exquisitely designed bracelets. A very rough and unusual design that takes jewelry to a new level. The leather bracelet is simple yet very ingenious. Wearable casually, they will well with most outfits and will enhance the overall appearance. They come is brown or beige coloring.

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  1. Hi, Couture in the City Fans! Don’t forget to visit The Fifth Cloud’s website at

    Now we ship for free all through the US!

    Happy Shopping girls!

  2. I love the bracelet. It reminds me of Wilma Flintstones dress.

  3. Archiex says:

    Wow, looks fabulous..Love them all..:)

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