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Manage Your Stress With Hit The Deck Work Out Program

0 Comments 20 August 2009


Hit the Deck is an easy and affordable way for working women and/or busy moms to stay healthy and fit!

PowerHouse Hit The Deckâ„¢ is an innovative fitness device for at home or on-the-go that tones the body while burning off stress hormones! The easy-to-use, cost-conscious product consists of a programmable interval timer and 30 cards divided into three categories: No Sweating, I’m Glistening and Sweating Buckets. And for $19.99 it is a real steal!


Each category contains exercises that challenge all major muscle groups for a comprehensive total body strength-training and cardiovascular workout, using no equipment. The length of each workout is determined by how many cards are selected and timed using an interval timer. Founder Jenny Evans recommends beginning with 30-second intervals unless the user is new to intense physical activity.

Jenny Evans created PowerHouse Hit the Deckâ„¢ to make personal training more accessible to everyone, and to create an all-in-one portable fitness tool utilizing today’s technology. This ever-changing PowerHouse Hit The Deckâ„¢ workout provides the mind and body with endless variety, while challenging the heart and muscles in revitalizing ways. Performing physical activity four to six times per week promotes and helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle while eliminating stress.

Jenny continues, “It is my goal to make it simple to add exercise to your daily routine and to understand what an important role it plays in dealing with stress. I want people to know that you can set a realistic fitness goal and achieve it. Instead of asking people to adopt a new lifestyle in order to get in shape, I’m giving them an easy solution to let fitness become a part of their already existing lifestyle.”

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