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Marc Jacobs Special Delivery 

0 Comments 19 May 2010

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It is safe to say that Marc Jacobs SoHo store in New York City gets better mail than the average business. Last week an employee intercepted a cocaine delivery. But that wasn’t even what made the news: it was the fact that she called the police thinking that the white powder was anthrax, perhaps sent by some fashion-hating terrorist.

The woman, an employee at the Marc Jacobs store on Mercer Street, accepted the package from California, with the end result being “a huge mix-up,” according to a source for Page Six.

Though the New York Police Department took the clerk in for questioning, they did not charge her, perhaps on the theory that if she couldn’t recognize a package of blow, she probably wasn’t engaged in an illicit drug transaction. Nonetheless, the shopgirl did not like how she was treated by the cops, and is reportedly thinking about filing suit.

In other Marc Jacobs news, the Classic Q Hillier Leather Hobo bag is a prime example of this summer’s hot trend of cross-body bags. This particular purse is not only stylish, but roomy. Jacobs is also having a banner year as outfitter to the stars, with A-listers like Rihanna, Robert Pattinson, and Nicole Richie anxious to wear some of the designer’s more outre styles. But will the celebrities stick around next fall and winter when his widely acclaimed, classically-styled fall and winter collection duds hit the stores? Stay tuned.

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