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Martha Davis Combines Industrials Skills to Shoe Designing

0 Comments 01 September 2010

New York, NY – Martha Davis was originally known for her 20 years of contribution to industrial designing, specifically on Johnson & Johnson’s dial pack birth control packaging. Taking a different path as a fashion designer, she now aims to help the industry more through her shoes.

“I wanted to get back to making things,” explained the newbie in the shoe fashion industry, “so I decided to give shoes a try.”

With Davis’ background in industrial designing, she may have what it takes when it comes to creating a neat, well-designed and fresh product. Furthermore, she claims that she is a fan of shoes herself, yet she wishes to produce her own fashion style with her functional and exceptional shoes.

Because of her love of shoes, she went to Milan, Italy to enroll in a shoe fashion design program and after four collections and two years; Davis is now creating comfy, yet extremely trendy shoes. These are noted to combine unique contemporary designs and daring color styles with conventional hand-made Italian shoemaking designs.

The modern top fashion characteristics of Davis’ shoes are quite futuristic as she included a seemingly spaceship-ish sleek curve to some of them. Also, she was noted to know how to choose the right quality of materials to use as one of her shoes showcases soft glove leather that flawlessly molds one’s foot, as if the shoes were actually customized.

In addition, Davis was also able to pull real ladies fashion as she incorporated her own signature wooden heel that is aerodynamic and sculptural, and not annoyingly clunky. This unique heel’s is narrow and thin, yet tough and well-built—shoe qualities that provide one at balance when walking.

Generally, Davis’ fashion sketches of shoes as well as her final products are intended to be put on at any time of the day—from day to night. Apparently, this innovative industrial designer has skillfully integrated her knowledge from her previous profession to the career path she now takes.

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