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Meet Me In Mexico Vacation Giveaway Finale With!

Comments Off 19 June 2008

Welcome back you adventurers! Yes this trying adventure has finally come to an end! You are closer than ever to the end and the ultimate treasure (vacation to Mexico) may finally be in one of you lucky readers grasp. No more strange ancient maps, or google searches for those city images, and ugly bats and such. Ok, I like to poke a little fun! But why not have made this Mexico giveaway more exciting and fun!

Well were in our last week of this fantastic giveaway with Glam, and that means our last image is a foot.
Now if you tuned in last thursday and for the month of June. You know quite well about the giveaway. A vacation for two to sweet old Mexico. So you have probaily prepared your passports and luggage at this point. Hopefully.

Week four’s destination isn’t getting any easier. But see if you can guess where this ancient location is in Mexcio!

Where in Mexico is this ancient site?
Week 4 – Where in Mexico is this ancient location?

Remember to enter at to submit your answer! Oh and remember upon entering the pyramid, to bring a sack of sand to replace the gold statue you’re are about to steal from the ancient king’s tomb. Just kidding. Be ready to win! Good luck!

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