Meet Me In Mexico Vacation Giveaway! Week 2

0 Comments 05 June 2008

Meet Me In Mexico Vacation Giveaway! Week 2

You were foretold that this would be a trying journey…

Riddled with exotic creatures, jungles, bad guys, and an ancient treasure.. OK, maybe I am exaggerating just a little. As was mentioned in last weeks post, you have to use that muscle between your ears and guess four different locations in Mexico.

Week two’s destination is a little tricky. But see if you can guess where this hot location is!

Where in Mexico?
Week 2 – Where in Mexico is this location?

Remember to enter at to submit your answer! This vacation giveaway is for two. So what are you waiting for! Get going! Pack your bags, get your passports renewed and be ready to win! Good luck!

“Erm, Jones another Margarita please.”

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