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Meet Your Mr. Big Doing What?

0 Comments 17 October 2011

So where are the best places to meet new people online these days? I bet you’re thinking Facebook or eHarmony right? I have an inside tip for you. Try playing some online bingo and see where it takes you.

My friends and I hit up the local bingo hall in our city more as a prank than to win money, but ended up having a great time and even walked away with a bit of extra cash. This intrigued me to try my hand at playing online bingo.

Not only can you win some money, but the neatest feature of this game is the live chat feature. After trying several different bingo sites, I found one that I preferred and started checking in quite regularly. It seems the same people frequent the same sites routinely, and I have developed some pretty interesting conversations with unique and engaging people this way.

Playing bingo online also offers the ability to create your own “profile” and engage with other players, much like all the new social media sites.

With all the dating sites soaring with new interest lately, online bingo offers a distinct way to effectively do the same thing: meet new people. However, the online bingo hall does not present the same pressure (or stigma) as dating sites are known to do. Because the real intent is to play bingo, right…right?

The real advantage is that these sites offer relaxed atmospheres to pursue lively conversations with a number of people at the same time, all the while trying my hand at a fun and fast-paced game.

Although you still have to be a bit cautious, as in all online engagements these days, online bingo has been only good for my friends and me so far.

Who says bingo is only for senior citizens? Online bingo is the new “in” game for city girls looking for fun, just like me.

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