Meg Cabot’s Newest Heather Wells Mystery: Big Boned

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Times bestselling author Meg Cabot’s third mystery featuring intrepid amateur sleuth Heather Wells, a former teen singing sensation-turned- assistant residence hall director. After solving two murders at New York College’s “Death Dorm” (a.k.a. Fischer Hall), Heather wants to focus her honed-and-toned (well, more honed-and-toned than her posterior in yoga pants, at least) investigative skills on undercover affairs with her new love interest (and remedial math instructor), Tad Tocco. The relationship is highly illicit – like stolen Dove bars illicit – as teachers and students aren’t allowed to date. Although she’ll never admit it, Heather is really hoping that her longtime crush/upstairs neighbor/good friend (not to mention brother of her slimy singing star ex-boyfriend) Cooper will totally regret telling Heather he doesn’t want to be her rebound guy.

But she’s going to have to bone up on more than her remedial math skills to get through New York College’s newest catastrophe: not only is the graduate student union set to strike – and Death Dorm’s helm is once again headless as the new interim director, Dr. Owen Veatch, is found (by Heather, of course) shot dead at his desk.

Before the crime scene tape is even applied, Heather is swept into a public relations maelstrom, thrown to the media hounds by the university’s new crisis control manager, the blonde, big-haired steel magnolia Muffy Fowler. Heather’s promised both Cooper and the detective in charge of the case that she won’t get involved. Between dodging giant inflatable rats, avoiding union rallies, venturing into the wilds of suburbia to bail out students from local jails, and skirting proposals from both Tad and her father (who wants her to star in a new children’s musical series – kind of like Barney but cuter, with an edge), one might think she hasn’t got time to meddle in a murder investigation. But Heather has an insatiable appetite for trouble – and this time, she just might be jumping out of the frying pan and straight into the line of fire.

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