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Men Keep Your Skin Sqeeky Clean With Space.NK Of London & REN

0 Comments 03 April 2009

Oh my dear boys, I haven’t forgotten your beauty needs also…
With days of constant shaving and razor burn, you boys need some of the best treatments when it comes to soothing and conditioning your skin. Whether you believe it or not, men actually have very sensitive skin. And with constant shaving, their skin is more prone to break outs, rashes, and more delicate behavior.
Well as always I am here to your rescue! With some of the best and again most affordable products out there. There are some fantastic men’s skin care routines that I would recommend.

From the top; I love Space.NK for their Blue line and MAN line. Both lines offer the key essentials; moisturizing and calming ingredients for the skin.

Space Nk Men Blue Shave Cream – $22.00

The Blue shave cream goes on with a smooth finish. With Meadow foam oil which gives a razor glide, and menthol to soothe the skin. Extra calming ingredients include aloe vera, chamomile and lavender essential oils.

Blue Eau De Toilette Space.NK – $65.00

Accompany your Blue shave cream with the Blue eau de toilette. This has a fresh aromatic blend of lime and grapefruit. Accompanied in a base of basil and lavender. And delicate top notes of geranium, amber, cedar leaf, patchouli and oak moss. Great to use as your morning and daytime fragrance.

Man Shave Cream Space.NK – $22.00

Space.NK Man has great skin conditioning and healing properties, infused with the woody oriental notes of the same evening fragrance.

Multi Tasking Aftershave Moisturizer by REN – $45.00

After you shave you most certainly need to moisturize. Use this REN lotion -a multi-active aftershave balm formulated to calm, moisturize and condition the skin. The active ingredients reduce inflammation. While polyphenols from the peppermint leaf juice cool, tone, and protect the skin from stress and pollution.

Now you can’t ever say that I don’t care about your beauty essentials also! If you have any further questions about your skin regimen, contact me and I will answer all your skin care needs! Also remember to let us know if you try using any of these wonderful products! And if so, let us know how you liked them! Ciao my beautynistas! (Men included)!

Article by © Jacqueline H. – Senior Writer, Editor 2009

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