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Miley Cyrus: a Few of her Favorite Things

7 Comments 13 August 2009

Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals

Miley Cyrus

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus recently got together with People magazine to talk about her favorite things, many of which are articles of clothing and beauty products.

As clothing goes, Miley loves jeans, Converse sneakers, and plain white T-shirts, the uniform of many teens. In denim, she chooses 7 for All Mankind Jeans for their comfortable fit. And while her job requires that she have a wardrobe of dressy shoes, from high heels to boots, she loves her Converse shoes, which she personalizes by writing favorite quotes on them. And like many a teen with tighter budgets, Miley knows the value of a plain white cotton t-shirt from Hanes.

Like lots of teenagers looking to express their individuality, Miley Cyrus likes jewelry, telling People, “The more bling the better! I love lots of jewelry.” For the recent MTV Teen Choice Awards, she wore necklaces from Loree Rodkin, Broken English, and Irit. But for everyday she loves her beaded bracelets with lettering on them spelling inspirational words like “love” and “peace.”. And Miley knows that there’s nothing better than a great handbag, like those by designer Marc Jacobs. While filming The Last Song she bought one of Jacobs’ Croc of Q Lil Riz purses.

When it comes to beauty products, Miley keeps it simple: “I am a ChapStickaholic,” she told People, with her favorite variety being classic Cherry. She likes adding beach spray to her hair, saying it helps her get the perfect waves. Juicy Couture is her favorite fragrance, specifically the eau de parfum, which has a young, fruity scent.

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7 Comments so far

  1. camz 18 says:

    Miley your the best! We love you so much!!..

  2. HAL123 says:

    OMG. she is just like me. no joke.

  3. Lady gagga says:

    to me , she’s not that beautiful.and i think, she´╗┐ is scary.
    but her voice is amazing.! XD

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. MILEYFAN says:

    I LOVE MILEY CYRUS! :D she’s seriously just like me, wish i could meet her.

  6. Stephanie says:

    She is pretty and her acting is good. But her singing is alright, not the best.

  7. kid hobo says:

    bojour people nerds

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